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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tablane -- end of week one

How's it going? Not too bad so far. We've had about 275 downloads of our first two beta releases, and the traffic figures on our Web site are steadily rising. The weekend was definitely a time of most activity, so we'll see what happens over the next couple of days. We had precious few expectations of how many downloads we should get by this point. Hopefully, with the better help material, and a third release coming shortly, people will start to pick up on some momentum. The most interesting thing though is using Tablane to follow how the principal search engines are picking up on references to the handful of blogs which have mentioned us so far. Another way of tracking the progress is to see how quickly they have picked up on the AdWord announcements on Google. I've changed the wording of this now three times in the last week. Using Tablane I can search Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN simulttaneously and compare their results. After one week, Ask comes up with just 17 references. Ask picks up the Adword change almost immediately, but has almost no references to blogs and other references. Anyone looking for Tablane via Ask would still come up with an obscure book on copyright law. MSN picks up 119 references, Yahoo 772 and Google 983. But the numerical figure is a fairly crude comparative yardstick. Yahoo is way behind on picking up Adword changes on 3rd party sites suggesting that their crawling lags behind MSN and Google. But out of the big two, MSN I would say has a nose ahead in terms of the quality of references. With Google you appear to get everything with the word tablane in, but with MSN, the links seem to have more direct relevance to content. It's a hunch so far, but we'll see over time whether we find ourselves turning first to MSN to pick up on new and better mentions of Tablane. What it certainly points out is that one should never underestimate Microsoft's ability to compete.


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