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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

eBay gum! Chew on this lads.

We’re into our second month with Tablane, our multi-lane, XML rich browser. Over a thousand downloads. We’ve got the makings of a plan. We’re starting to get ourselves known. The good people of web2.0ireland have written up a decent profile. Our browser is getting very robust. Intelligent, constructive feedback is trickling into our forums. We should get the investment we need to ramp up. So what’s the matter? You may remember that I’ve been tinkering with Google AdWords to get our name out there. Traffic had been bumbling along until I realized the obvious – given that the first flavour of the browser is built over Internet Explorer, why not make a virtue of this? I included the terms Microsoft, Internet Explorer and, for good measure eBay, in our keywords, and spelled out in our Google Adwords text that Tablane was ‘Internet Explorer made cool!’ The click-through rates were reasonably hefty for these big words, up to 35c a pop, but I wanted to see what would happen. Hey presto, traffic shot up! As you can see, for TWO WEEKS all was looking really, really good – but suddenly, for no reason, on about day 45 of our campaign, the price of my bulls-eye keywords shot up. I’d seen this happen before. You get suckered into paying the higher CTR, ask yourself why, gracefully decline to pay the higher charges, wait a few days, and when the price comes down again, you’re back in business. Not this time though – the price of an eBay or Microsoft keyword click through has stuck at over Euro7.50, and it looks very unlikely that my former friends at Google are about to drop the price. Why? What’s bugging me is that the overall traffic to other keywords whose price is low is also down. It’s as if the American Internet was asleep since Thanksgiving. So, once again, why the price hike? Should we be paranoid? Remind me about the Google/Firefox relationship? If you have an AdWords account, how much are they asking you to pay for eBay as a keyword? There’s not enough transparency in how these rates are derived – an open forum where everyone could see the open market rate for AdWords is what is needed.


Anonymous keith bohanna said...

Hi Julian

This may be of interest to you -

Struck me as being some good "take aways" there for people deeply interested in AdWords.

"My 44 BusM 457 students gave class reports today on the 18 pay-per-click campaigns that they ran this semester for businesses. I was very impressed.

Almost all the student teams had prepared effective powerpoint slides which included how they approached their projects, how they brainstormed and chose keywords, and how they started running ads, using analytics, and then optimizing the campaigns. "

12/07/2005 01:45:00 PM  
Blogger Julian Ellison said...

Thanks for this Keith. Very interesting. If you come across anything else like this, please let me know.

12/07/2005 02:12:00 PM  
Anonymous keith bohanna said...

Do you have a delicious account Julian so i can add you to my for: tag list?


12/07/2005 04:35:00 PM  
Blogger Julian Ellison said...

Sure. My username is 'clewbay'

12/08/2005 11:07:00 AM  

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