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Friday, November 26, 2004

Use of CRM in startups

One of the biggest mistakes (we all make mistakes !!) was not to invest in a CRM solution earlier in our startup phase. The reasons i say this are as follows - a CRM system forces you to manage your contacts - a CRM system makes meeting note capture easier when getting customer interviews - you can extract market intelligence from customer meetings easier (esp when VC's start asking questions around the business plan - "so who exactly have you spoken to") - when you start sales prospecting, it can measure your performance in developing targets - if you get sales meetings, it can help plan + report on the volume of calls/meetings - it helps you forecast sales better..... "excel is ok, but you can be too kind to youself" - anon, 2004 - it makes it easier to communicate your sales process to employees - it also protects you against staff leaving - knowledge is retained in the CRM - finally - a CRM keeps you honest with yourself.. Recommendations - Salesforce - we use it - pricey, but it works really well, esp for teams in numerous locations - Entellium - looks like a good alternative to above - Sage - Microsoft CRM - Sugar - open source


Anonymous S.I. Unik said...

Thanks for the information..CRM choice depends on the sales processes, avg. deal size, number of sales people, sales and lead gen approach you have set up in place. There is no best startup CRM but the best CRM for your sales team.

2/06/2016 04:47:00 AM  

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