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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Top 10 New Year?s Resolutions for CEOs

Best wishes for 2006 to all the folks staying tuned to ITNorthWest Voice btw, whats your New Year resolutions - this list is great.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: The VC funding process - 12 steps to success

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: The VC funding process - 12 steps to success A recap from a previous post on VC fund raising.

Small Biz 101: No one starts with a masterpiece

Small Biz 101: No one starts with a masterpiece - Signal vs. Noise from the 37Signals site these 2 guys did ok "The truth is, they had no idea if they were going to succeed when they started. What if Larry had said to Sergey, "Hmmm, I don?t know Sergey. Surely somebody has already figured out this search thing - and they probably know what they?re doing! We?re just a couple of college kids so let?s just play it safe and get good jobs at a stable company." - from the Search book by John Batelle

Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Drinks

The inaugural ITNorthWest Christmas drinks party was help last night and was enjoyed by all that attended (I have some regrets this morning regarding what it was I was drinking however). We even learned how to train pet rocks to roll - thanks Cyril! For those of you that failed to show please rest assured that you were abused (outrageously) as promised. The Infacta Christmas party is on tonight - I better get myself revved up for that. It's tough work but I guess somebody's got to do it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Presentations - Startup School

Presentations (Startup School Wiki) Some great listening/reading in this mix. The audio from Langley Steinert from Tripadvisor is great - some of the local travel technology companies should take a listen. (also a great entrepreneur story....)

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Post Money Value: Inside the process

The Post Money Value: Inside the process An excellent and thoughful post from Rick Segal on the VC dating game. Well worth a read for any aspiring entrepreneurs...

IT NorthWest - Xmas drinks

Thursday 15th December Donaghy's, Sligo 6.30pm All Welcome Ps. a BarCamp of another kind :-) - more Guinness and less geek talk

Web2.0 Ireland - some good sources of info...

Check out these sites for Information Web2.0 Ireland - an Irish techcrunch/alarm clock and Web2.0 - a group blog for all web2.0 folks in Ireland to participate on

Friday, December 09, 2005

Morrison: Google Adwords: Landing page now a factor in quality score

Morrison: Google Adwords: Landing page now a factor in quality score Liam provides tips on Google + Landing pages Some additional tips on landing pages - here and here

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

eBay gum! Chew on this lads.

We’re into our second month with Tablane, our multi-lane, XML rich browser. Over a thousand downloads. We’ve got the makings of a plan. We’re starting to get ourselves known. The good people of web2.0ireland have written up a decent profile. Our browser is getting very robust. Intelligent, constructive feedback is trickling into our forums. We should get the investment we need to ramp up. So what’s the matter? You may remember that I’ve been tinkering with Google AdWords to get our name out there. Traffic had been bumbling along until I realized the obvious – given that the first flavour of the browser is built over Internet Explorer, why not make a virtue of this? I included the terms Microsoft, Internet Explorer and, for good measure eBay, in our keywords, and spelled out in our Google Adwords text that Tablane was ‘Internet Explorer made cool!’ The click-through rates were reasonably hefty for these big words, up to 35c a pop, but I wanted to see what would happen. Hey presto, traffic shot up! As you can see, for TWO WEEKS all was looking really, really good – but suddenly, for no reason, on about day 45 of our campaign, the price of my bulls-eye keywords shot up. I’d seen this happen before. You get suckered into paying the higher CTR, ask yourself why, gracefully decline to pay the higher charges, wait a few days, and when the price comes down again, you’re back in business. Not this time though – the price of an eBay or Microsoft keyword click through has stuck at over Euro7.50, and it looks very unlikely that my former friends at Google are about to drop the price. Why? What’s bugging me is that the overall traffic to other keywords whose price is low is also down. It’s as if the American Internet was asleep since Thanksgiving. So, once again, why the price hike? Should we be paranoid? Remind me about the Google/Firefox relationship? If you have an AdWords account, how much are they asking you to pay for eBay as a keyword? There’s not enough transparency in how these rates are derived – an open forum where everyone could see the open market rate for AdWords is what is needed.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: How to handle the first VC meeting

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: How to handle the first VC meeting Some good pointers of VC meeting prep work - i would personally recommend 8 slides (with a "power" slide at #1 - just in case you get pulled in different directions - and backup slides to backup some asusmptions/data points)