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Saturday, February 04, 2006

tagging tech /john collins/: enterprise ireland's class of 2005

tagging tech /john collins/: enterprise ireland's class of 2005 John Collins has an excellent post on the current Irish investment market (or lack of), and M&A activities. My own $0.02 - restructure BES to reflect risk level in high tech (all BES activities are primarily asset backed - bricks and morter). This will hopefully encourage more angel activity, esp from the tech sector folks. - greater VC awareness on Ireland (historically all sub $5million investments are by Irish funds - they dont have the resources (people/cash) to invest over 3/4 rounds. the number of mainstream US/European VC investments has been limited - M&A awareness on Ireland - we're the #1 location for all the large tech companies, but we have a very poor record in terms of exits to the "top 10". Similarity is a great exit in the context of the monies invested (i would guess that if they raised $20million, then they would still be an independent operation - exit price would have to be in the $200m + range to meet expectation) I can see why Frank Ryan is concerned - but its a bit of the cart before the horse - if Ireland wants to create a Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Skype, etc - we have to mature our investment market, whilst also enhancing the leadership capabilities (see ISA initiative) of startups


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